withdrawal to credit card

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craig r. posted this 4 weeks ago

Still cant believe this.........

It took me just over 1.5 months to get verified, with a lot of uploading documents and requests.

today I get verified, went to withdraw the money and send to my credit card and it gets rejected 

anybody else have this problem...................

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OKPAY Admin posted this 4 weeks ago

Hello, craig r.
Thank you for contacting OKPAY Support!
As we can see, all of the transaction were rejected by the card-issuer bank.
You can try to make a transfer to another banking card, sometimes bank do not allow to fund their cards from a side-source or other currency.
Sincerely yours,

mwansa c. posted this 3 weeks ago


How long does it take for the Bank to load my USD onto my OKPAY card? I sent USD to my wallet yesterday Thursday at 3pm (+2 GMT) and today is Friday 1 pm (+2 GMT) and my money still hasn't been loaded onto my card.

Kindly advise.

OKPAY Admin posted this 3 weeks ago

Dear mwansa c.
We kindly ask you to create a ticket to our Financial department
Sincerely yours,

mwansa c. posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Admin,


My account just got credited but I also received this message below (does this mean that everytime i topup my account i will always get a 1 - 2 day):

Please note: Due to the specifics of the issuing bank's operations, your OKPAY Card balance is updated in your OKPAY account with slight delay (1-2 days).

OKPAY Admin posted this 3 weeks ago

Dear mwansa c. ,
Usually the OKPAY card is topped-up immediately.
This time was an exception and we apologize for this.

The notification you see means that the balance is usually updated with a delay in your OKPAY account interface (but the funds are credited instantly to card balance). to see the correct current card balance, you can use ATM (however, fees of the ATM bank may apply for this)

Also we kindly ask you to pay attention to our reply in the ticket SR18020067447 and provide us with the new address proof document.

Sincerely yours,