Verification document 3 months expiration

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Delvis D. posted this 4 weeks ago

I am Verified at Moneypolo but as I know okpay  work better, both are now the same company.

Since first week of this February am trying to get verified at okpay but it is taking so long I am afraid I will get rejected because of document date by the time they finally check it, or will okpay take in document summit date?

and some people report they have to send even more document after the wait.

so I also wan to know what are those documents and how do I summit then, to avoid lost more time in another long wait.

OKPAY Admin posted this 4 weeks ago

Dear Delvis D. ,
We are sorry for the delay in response due to extremely high number of verification requests. 
Our Support Team has already answered you in the ticket SR18020067185.
Please read our reply and provide us with the different PAPER-issued address proof document with your name and address on it (an address certificate, bank statement, notice of an insurance company or police, tax notice,  postal notice or envelope).
Once your account is verified, all the OKPAY features will be available for you.