Transfer USD out of OKPAY to USD Bank account

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Dillon K. posted this 2 weeks ago

How do I withdraw USD funds to my bank in USD? Is there any way? 

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OKPAY Admin posted this 2 weeks ago

Dear Dillon K. ,
Unfortunately, our financial provider do not support USD wire transfers. You can use other supported currencies such as GBP or EUR to make a transfer.
To make a Money Transfer from your OKPAY account to your bank account please use this linkhttps://secure.okpay.com/#/money-transfers/bank. 
Feel free to contact us in case of any other questions

Brady S. posted this 2 weeks ago

So there's no way to withdraw USD from an OKPAY wallet? But it is possible for GBP and EUR. So if I want to fund a crypto exchange can I wire EUR or GBP out of OKPAY?

OKPAY Admin posted this 2 weeks ago

Dear Brady S.,
You can transfer USD from an OKPAY wallet using any options you like except bank wire transfers.
If you transfer funds to your OKPAY wallet via crypto exchange, you will be able to transfer it from your OKPAY wallet  to your bank account in EUR or GBP without any restrictions.