Residential address problems

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shahrokh s. posted this 3 weeks ago


1-What if I can not bring Residential address confirmation Document in Latin or Cyrillic letters within 3 months?

2- But I have valid passport Residential address confirmation published 5 months ago , but it is valid up to SeP 2022.

3- Can I use item 2 above?

Thank you

OKPAY Admin posted this 2 weeks ago

Dear shahrokh s.,
In order to confirm your Residential address, you have to upload the address proof document in Latin or Cyrillic letters otherwise certified translation must be provided.


Please note that  the proof of address must be PAPER-issued not earlier than 3 months prior to the verification date.
E-bills and PO box addresses are NOT accepted. 

If your address proof document is in  non-Latin letters and you cannot provide us with the certified translation, you can upload a bank statement or envelope with your address, date and name in Latin letters