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Osvaldo O. posted this 07 November 2017

Hello. I want pay netflix but it's refused with my okpay mastercard card.

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OKPAY Admin posted this 08 November 2017

Hello, Osvaldo O. 
Please contact our support team and attach a screenshot or a copy of the error text https://support.okpay.com/account/ticket/new.
Thank you

dana m. posted this 23 November 2017

I want to ask for the OKPAY plastic card, but before I do, I want to know if there is any restriction on the use for Saudi Arabia?

OKPAY Admin posted this 23 November 2017

Dear dana m.,
Thank you for choosing OKPAY Card.
There is no restrictions for Saudi Arabia.
You can choose your card and order it here https://www.okpay.com/ru-en/personal/payment-cards/
Feel free to contact us in case of any other questions.

FAISAL a. posted this 12 February 2018



I asked for a plastic card

I want the tracking number how

Where do I find my tracking number?

OKPAY Admin posted this 12 February 2018

Dear FAISAL a.
As far as we can see, you created a ticket to our support team SR18020068137.
We have contacted the Card issuing bank and now we are waiting for their reply. As soon as we get a reply, we will inform you in the ticket. Please wait for an answer.
Thank you 

Ivan R. posted this 15 February 2018

What are the withdrawal limits in EUR for the okpay card and is there a chance to increase them?

OKPAY Admin posted this 15 February 2018


Dear Ivan R. 
The OKPAY Card is a USD Card, the ballance is in USD.
All the information about OKPAY Card including limits you can find on our site 
These limits are set in accordance with regulations of MasterCard and cannot be changed.
Please note that banks may impose additional withdrawal limits on their ATMs.  


Alain R. posted this 4 weeks ago

Can I request a plastic mastercard and send it to another address that is not mine?

OKPAY Admin posted this 4 weeks ago

Dear Alain R. ,
The OKPAY card will be delivered to your verified address.
If you want to change the delivery address, you have to add a new address to the profile and verify it.
You can add a new address to your profile and verify it here: Personal Profile -- Address Section: https://secure.okpay.com/profile/
Once your account is verified, you will be able to apply for the card. 
You can learn more about the card, choose your card (Virtual or Plastic) and order it here https://www.okpay.com/personal/payment-cards/okpay/
Feel free to contact us in case of any questions! 


Karl Erik O. posted this 4 weeks ago


My request for a virtual card was accepted on friday the 16. feb. The card is still "In Progress".

How long does it usually take to create virtual cards?

Best regards,


OKPAY Admin posted this 4 weeks ago

Dear Karl Erik O.,
As we can see,  our support team is already answered you in the ticket #SR18020069165.
Please note that your card order is still being processed . In general it can take up to 1-2 weeks. 
After that Virtual Card will be issued within 24-72 hours. 
The first and the last 4 digits of the Virtual card number you will find in your Payment Accounts >> OKPAY Cards: https://secure.okpay.com/accounts  and the other details you will receive by email.
Sincerely yours,